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Alone at the piano, completely exposed and with nobody else but her own resolve, concentration and preparation, this young pianist proved yet again that she keeps going from strength to strength. No wonder connoisseurs rate her as one of the best of her generation we have ... This was illustrated thanks to the touch and depth of feeling of a sensitive performer who leaves nothing to chance.

Sunday Times of Malta – January 2014

Joanne Camilleri combines the secure touch of a seasoned performer thoroughly immersed in Bach's style with an effervescent freshness of spirit able to sustain a level of artistry, concentration, stamina and attention to detail.

bachtrack – January 2014

In two J. S. Bach Preludes (in B minor, drawn from BWV 855/1 and in G minor after BWV 535) transcribed by Siloti, Joanne Camilleri displayed her characteristically sensitive touch in the former and brilliance and passion in the latter.

The Sunday Times of Malta – December 2012

[Pancho Vladigerov’s Violin and Piano Sonata in D, Op.1] is difficult for both violinist and pianist, requires great skill, deep musicality, high concentration and a solid yet flexible technique indispensable in order to achieve the desired results. They [together with Malta Philharmonic Orchestra leader Marcelline Agius] did and the combination of tenderness and passion with sheer virtuoso brilliance carried all before them.

The Times of Malta – December 2012

Joanne Camilleri projected all the enchanting qualities of Charles Camilleri’s Due Canti. In between these two solos, the performers [together with violinist Jean Noel Attard] were like live-wires packed with an irresistible energy in Brahms’s Sonatensatz.

The Times of Malta – August 2012

Should there have been any doubt that this young lady is one of the leading Maltese pianists of her generation, it was dispelled with this splendid performance [of Chopin’s E minor Piano Concerto]. It is quite amazing what a lot of force and energy race through the rather diminutive performer’s frame. Yet it is a strength tempered with the utmost tenderness and sensitivity, an assuredly delicate but firm touch and a passion which never runs wild. She is endowed with a technique which remains formidable yet never one at the cost of clarity and articulation or even one indulged in for mere show, but one always at the service of the music. The rapport with the [Malta Philharmonic] orchestra was fine and the work sailed along marvellously with even the most difficult pages made to appear so easy when in fact it is far from that.

The Times of Malta – May 2011

Petite and unassuming she masters immense energy, deep musicality, an amazing technique and concentration. Once she starts performing her air of self-confidence reflects a musician who knows only too well what she is about.

The Times of Malta – January 2009

Camilleri performed her view of [The Goldberg Variations] with superb confidence. She brought to each variation an insight that never failed to be intriguing. She did not make the work shout at the audience but let its different styles emerge. The counterpoint never flagged and the music, however intricate or slow, invariably moved towards its cadence. Elsewhere she gave full rein to her dazzling virtuosity…

The Times of Malta – January 2009

The Camilleri Trio [performed] with delicacy, tenderness and a dance-like aura that fitted delightfully within this work

The Times of Malta – January 2009

From the very beginning of her performance…Ms Camilleri showed an astounding technique… There was a lot of strength and stamina in her playing as well as lyricism whenever this was called for. Articulation was clear throughout and the relationship with the orchestra and the conductor tight. [Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No.2, Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Michael Laus]

The Times of Malta – April 2008

Joanne Camilleri gave a very impressive performance of Beethoven’s 32 Variations ... Her music, technical and mnemonic aptitudes enable her to play Beethoven’ Fourth or Fifth Concerto ... would fill to capacity the Mediterranean Conference Centre Republic Hall [Malta] and would make the Maltese admirers more proud of this national phenomenon...

The Sunday Times of Malta

The elements of drama, force and sweetness; the internal psychological battle and the great tension, contrasted by heartbreaking lyrical passages were so successfully brought out in Joanne’s interpretation of Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata that for a few seconds afterwards there was perfect silence in the hall; a silence that indicated that the audience had been transported to that world created by the composer.

It-Torca – il-Hadd Magazine

She gave a breath taking performance of Prokofiev’s Sonata No3 in A minor in which she fully satisfied the demands of the work for a variety of pianistic techniques.

The Sunday Times of Malta

The recital was characterised by her great energy and excellent memory, her confident, assertive touch and a musicality underlined by quite remarkable maturity for one her age. Her seemingly easy and effortless adaptability to change of style and idiom was most admirable. Sheer technical brilliance, whenever it occurred, did not gloss over the required attention to detail. There was a feeling that in all three works this pianist relished her interpretation, on which she lavished a lot of feeling and enthusiasm that was easily projected to the audience.

The Times - Weekender